My experience with the spanish lessons was very positive.
I had one week of lessons learning basic conversation and grammar. The teachers made the learning fun and practical in a very comfortable environment. Wish I had time for more lessons.
Muchas gracias.

Jacquie Nault   

I had the pleasure to have both Jossie and Maritsa as my spanish teacher when I was in Cusco Jan 2016 for 4 weeks. I had lessons average 3 times a week and I went from basic beginner to be able to have conversations and also construct sentences! I also learnt so many useful vocabularies that are extremely helpful in daily life.
I had prior knowledge to Spanish (very limited) and they made me feel so confident in speaking Spanish during and after classes. They have been very patient and helpful in assisting my learning. Highly recommend them both if anyone wants to learn Spanish. Wish that I had more time for more lessons with them. Muchas Gracias Jossie and Maritsa

Rhiannon Homer   

I very much enjoyed my classes at Nativos Spanish School. The teachers were capable of adjusting the classes to my individual needs, they also arranged a homestay for me which contributed significantly to both my speaking capabilities and my understanding of Peruvian culture. The location is just perfect!!! Just around the corner from Cusco Centre. I felt very welcome and can definitely recommend Nativos Spanish School!!!

Menno Molenveld   

Im in my third week of Spanish lessons with Jossie and am loving it! I would highly recommend this school to anyone wanting to expand their knowledge!

Amy Grant   

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Nativos Spanish School!! Jossie and Maritza are not only brilliant teachers, they became dear friends. I took classes with them for 5 weeks and went from knowing little to no Spanish to being able to have mildly complex conversations. If you are looking to learn Spanish abroad or find yourself in Cusco needing to brush up on the language, LOOK NO FURTHER. This is by far the best place to learn. After researching a ton of Spanish abroad programs I went with Nativos and am so thankful I did. These women are patient, fun, intelligent, and have huge hearts. Thank you Jossie and Maritza

Chelsea Pack   

A great school with helpful teachers. I had an easy time progressing with my Spanish. Without them I would have had some trouble these past 6 weeks in Cusco. I highly recommend their programs and classes.

Baileigh Moquin   

Nativos Spanish School not only provides amazing Spanish classes but opens up many Doors for meeting other travelers, organizing adventures In and around Cusco, volunteering at an amazing local orphanage, and staying with local families.
Josie and Marittsa are welcoming, warm, helpful, fun, and amazing ladies ! They even organized a cooking class for us and took us on a trip outside of town to visit a tea leaf reader.
They are wonderful! This is not your average run of the mill Spanish school, it is unique and absolutely will make your Cusco experience more memorable

Annie Garay   

Nativos is the greatest spanish school on the planet. I lived in Cusco for 4 month and took classes everyday. This place is more than just a Spanish school. When I had trouble with my phone they took me out to help me translate and resolve the issue at the store. They hooked me up with group salsa classes which i loved so much i ended up taking private classes. When I decided I wanted to spend my class time learning to build a guitar at a local woodworking shop, my spanish teacher, Maritsa, went with me every day to practice my spanish, help translate, and take pictures for me. They were patient with my learning process and everyone at the spanish school become not only just teachers but also my confidants and my friends. This school was a huge part of what made up the positive experience of Peru!

Ellen Carter   

I was lucky enough to have Jossie for 5 weeks in Cusco. She is really funny and easy to talk to and my conversational Spanish drastically improved. I would definately recommend.

Alexandra Anderson   

I had a great time at Nativos. The teachers are great and we do fun activities to supplement the spanish and apply it in real life situations. We did cooking classes, went to the market, and did salsa classes. Would reccomend!

Leila Rahmani   

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