Get Involved

Nativos is an NGO which aims to help single mothers & their families in the city of Cusco & beyond. The Cusco region has many families who struggle to get by & we want to help them become independant. In the higher communities the schools are badly equipped & the children do not get a good education. This means they lack the chance to improve their lives in the future. We are helping by getting a good education for the children & through empowering their mothers. In the future we hope to bring gifted children from the high communities to schools in Cusco.

You too can get involved with this work in a variety of ways. We need help at the school to do the day to day work of administration & marketing. The children need basic school supplies & warm clothing. Also we need help with fundraising. Please get in touch to talk to us about how you can help us make a better future for families in the Cusco region.