Our team

Our Spanish Teachers have been selected from a rigorous examination process and they all have University degrees. They have been chosen for their experience in teaching Spanish to foreigners, for their high marks from university, for their ability to listen, enthusiasm, and more. Above all, all our teachers love to teach. They have the ability to motivate and increase your interest in the Spanish language. In this way your classes will be fun and you will learn quickly.

It is important to us at Nativos Project to provide a quality experience whether you are taking Spanish lessons, volunteering, interning, or a bit of everything. Our teachers have at least three years of experience and love to share their knowledge and experience.


Jossie Lilian Coacalla Juares

Experience: 15 years working as a Spanish teacher

Hobbies: Volleyball, dancing and swimming

"My name is Jossie and I am the director of Nativos Spanish School. I have been a Spanish teacher for 15 years. While I was working I saw some friends who had no luck with their couple so they had to separate becoming single mothers. They worked all day Monday to Saturday, so these mothers did not have enough time to spend with their children, just to earn a basic salary. While they worked they left their children in the care of family member or a friend. Because of this situation they could not work efficiently because they were worried about the welfare of their children. On the other hand, with my job teaching Spanish, I could choose if I wanted to work 4 hours a day, getting a salary equal to theirs for 8-hours. I thought that was unfair, these mothers having to work all day because they needed the money for her family since they did not have the support of their child's father. Seeing this problem, we decided to create Nativos Spanish School so that these mothers could work part time with the same salary as before but with the difference they have the rest of the day to enjoy with their children."


Maritsa Hancco Cruz

Experience: 5 years of Spanish teaching

Hobbies: reading,  listening to music, dancing