Nativos  Project offers the following services: homestay or shared apartment making your stay in Cusco pleasant. Options:


A homestay means inexpensive accommodation and authentic, home-cooked meals as well as a great opportunity to put those new Spanish skills into practice. You can spend evenings and weekends relaxing with the family or come and go as you please. Please take a look at the different options available, and feel free to contact us with any questions or to reserve your room. We offer different options:

Single room

A room with a shared bathroom, two meals a day you can choose between: breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Double room

A room with two beds and a shared bathroom, two meals a day: breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Shared apartment

If you enjoy your independence and do things for yourself. This is an option for you, you will share living room, kitchen and bathroom with other people and volunteer or interns. We will give you the keys to your apartment and room and you can live there in complete independence. You will be able to cook for yourself and/or stay with other interns from all over the world during their internship. The apartments are completely furnished and have internet access. The kitchen (fully equipped) and living room are for all the students to share.


With other students

Enjoy your stay in Cusco, sharing an apartment with other students from different parts of the world! A shared apartment is really popular as it is an economical way of staying. And as you will stay with other students, fun is almost guaranteed. Many long-lasting international friendships started here!

With local hosts

Staying with a host family is a great way to immerse yourself into the culture of Cusco. You will not only learn the customs you will also learn the way of the Cusquenian families life. This is a great way to learn and improve your  Spanish. Two meals a day are also included: breakfast and lunch or dinner.