STARTING: Any day / all year round

DURATION: 1 week minimum

REQUIREMENTS: No specific skills or qualifications are needed

Project Summary

Volunteer in an orphanage in Peru and immerse yourself in our colorful culture, helping us add brightness to the lives of orphaned or abandoned children. Share love, compassion and skills with the very-unfortunate children who have lost their parents due to complications caused by poverty, disease, family violence or abandonment. Nativos Project’s orphan programs in Peru aim to provide homes, education, love and hope to these children. The homes are run with the atmosphere of a large family, with live-in parents that are there 100% of the time to support, care for and nurture the children. Volunteers will undoubtedly have the chance to brighten the lives of orphans while at the same time growing personally and professionally.

Volunteers who are willing to work for at least a month with special skills such as counseling, social work, psychology or nursing can volunteer in orphanages and homes for children with special needs. These children are emotionally, mentally, developmentally and/or physically challenged and need extra special attention and care. A devoted organization in Cusco has taken on the challenge of caring for them, but they need your help and support. If you are up for a challenge, please consider working in this type of orphanage.


No specific skills or qualifications are needed to volunteer in an orphanage in Peru. Beginner to intermediate knowledge of Spanish is preferred but not mandatory. If you cannot speak Spanish, we suggest you enroll in our Spanish language course to make your stay more rewarding – both for you and for the children you are helping. There are no specific qualifications needed to join our volunteer orphanage projects in Peru. All volunteers are expected to be flexible and patient, as well as possess a passion and love for children.

Volunteer Responsibilities

As an orphanage volunteer in Peru, you will work with schools and nonprofit organizations 4-5 hours per day, Monday through Friday. Depending on individual skills and interests and the needs of the local staff. Daily activities may include:

  • Teaching Basic English (2-4 hours to children ages 6-16, depending on orphanage and school schedules)
  • Helping students with their homework
  • Planning and leading extracurricular activities such as dancing, singing, drawing, painting, playing sports
  • Teaching children about health and personal hygiene
  • Teaching computer classes
  • Helping take children on field trips
  • Teaching life skills and daily tasks such as cleaning, cooking, business skills, getting dressed, sewing, gardening, etc.
  • Assisting with facility maintenance
  • Assisting with orphanage and school administration daily tasks
  • Fundraising

Frequently asked questions

  • How Many Children Are In The Orphanage And What Are Their Ages?

There are about 40 children at the girls and boys orphanage in Cusco ranging from infants–17 years old, however the majority are aged between 6–14 years old

  • What are the day to day activities in the orphanage project? What do I actually do?

Volunteers can teach English, computer skills, play with the children, work with socialization of the children, assist in household duties or simply enjoy time with the children. Volunteers are free to teach and bring information on subjects they may like and/or share information about their home country. The orphanage encourages art, crafts, music, dance and drama for the children. You are free to teach and share in any of these areas that are age appropriate.

Girls and boys also may play outside or play sports. There will be different activities based on the age of the children and their school hours for those that attend, with varying schedules depending on grade level.

  • How Many Hours A Day Do We Work In The Orphanage?

Volunteers work in the orphanage Monday – Friday for about 4 hours a day either mornings or afternoons, depending on your Spanish language class schedule.

What is include in the price?

  • Airport pick up
  • 20 hrs Spanish group lessons (if a student wants to continue, they will be able to continue group or private Spanish lessons)
  • Accommodation
  • Food (2 meals per day breakfast, lunch or dinner)
  • Staff member welcome and pick-up on arrival
  • Support and 24 hour back-up from our local staff
  • Salsa classes
  • Cooking and pisco sour classes
  • Donation for the organization you will work with
  • Basic City tour of Cusco
  • Cusco’s map
  • Visa support (if applicable)

Prices do not include:

  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Travel insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Costs of transportation between the homestay/apartment- volunteering place