Nativos Spanish School Cusco

central square of cusco

Welcome to Nativos Spanish School. We would love for you to come and learn with us in our spanish school in Cusco,   Peru.   We are a nonprofit NGO,   Nativos trains Cusquenian single mothers and local families to provide Spanish courses,   1 day lessons,   homestays and we also organizes volunteer opportunities for travelers. Instead of paying tuition fees to a for-profit company,   travelers  pay us to help single mothers &  their families.

Nativos offers top quality Spanish tuition,   all our teachers have completed extensive training courses &  have at least three years experience. We offer both private lessons and group teaching. Our methods are unique as we provide grammar &  practical lessons so that you can practice speaking with local people. We can also help you find a volunteer placement,   and arrange for you to live in the home of a friendly Cusquenian family.

nativos entrance

From the moment you arrive in Cusco,   Nativos will come and pick you up from the airport and can give you advice on day trips,   trekking and tours & activities to help you get the best from your stay in the heart of the Inca Empire. You can meet other travelers and volunteers by attending social events such as cooking classes,   using our internet facilities and watching movies on weekends.

Whether you have months to spend volunteering in Peru and want to really master the language, or want to learn Spanish for travelling while on a visit Machu Picchu. We can also make a tailor-made package to fit your needs, for example courses for professionals.