STARTING: Any day / all year round


DURATION: Recomended longer than 4 weeks

REQUIREMENTS: Intermediate level of Spanish

You must be a nursing student to do an Elective placement. Nativos Project is ready to coordinate with your university to ensure the placement chosen for your Nursing Elective meets its requirements. Our in-country staff will coordinate with you and help with any pre-departure paperwork and questions. When you are in Peru, you will have a supervisor, who is a qualified member of the hospital staff. They will ensure you are learning and having a fulfilling time on your placement.

The hospital you are allocated to will depend upon your chosen area of study. We have opportunities for elective students in the two biggest hospitals in Cuzco, plus placements in a small mini-hospital called “postas de salud” for anyone focusing on obstetrics and gynecology. There may also be opportunities to spend time in a children’s rehabilitation hospital. This hospital is run by a priest and they look after many children with special needs.

For all Nursing placements in Cusco, you must speak an intermediate level of Spanish.

While you are on your Nursing Elective in Peru, you will stay with one of our local host families. They are warm and welcoming and you will quickly become part of their family. Nursing Student Electives in Cusco are available for shorter periods than 4 weeks. While you will be able to gain valuable medical experience on a short-term trip, we recommend staying for a longer period to allow yourself more time to get to know the local medical system, see a variety of conditions and procedures, and develop stronger relationships with local medical staff.

Room / Food / Supervision

Nativos Project manages your living accommodations in Peru. In Cusco, most volunteers live with a host family. Our host families are socially respected and experienced hosts of international volunteers. They have strong interest in our volunteer's safety and well-being and demonstrate this with caution and care. Host families will prepare two meals a day for volunteers consisting of local ingredients and foods traditional of Peru. Our host families do not offer laundry services, but some will happily take up the task for a small fee.

Throughout the volunteer project, our local staff stays in contact with volunteers either with face-to-face visits or via email/telephone. Volunteers are always welcome at our local office in Cusco-Peru. If project placement is local, we request that volunteers stop by the office once a week to keep us posted on how they are doing with their home stay and project. If project placement is very far, then our local staff members maintain communication by either email and/or phone and try to visit every week if possible.

What is include in the price?

  • Airport pick up
  • 20 hrs medical Spanish private lessons (If a student wants to continue, they will be able to continue group or private Spanish lessons)
  • Accommodation
  • Food (2 meals per day breakfast, lunch or dinner)
  • Staff member welcome and pick-up on arrival
  • Support and 24 hour back-up from our local staff
  • Salsa classes
  • Cooking and pisco sour classes
  • Donation for the organization you will work with
  • Basic City tour of Cusco
  • Cusco’s map
  • Visa support (if applicable)

Prices do not include:

  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Travel insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Costs of transportation between the homestay/apartment- volunteering place