Who can take the program?

Our courses are for everyone with a desire to learn the Spanish language and improve their Spanish skills. You can study for business, traveling or just for fun. Our Spanish courses and our teachers are flexible, so we can adapt to your needs. Our programs are for all ages. You can also use our online classes as a preparation for your Spanish course, internship or volunteer work in Peru with us! We offer two programs:

Custom made

  • Recommended for students at Beginner, Basic and Pre-intermediate levels.
  • Customize the learning speed of your program, contents, methodology, and assigned homework.
  • Our curriculum plan meets the guidelines given by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • We all learn at a different pace and we don't want to hold you back. You can choose to go as fast as you want, or take the time to perfect a specific subject before moving on.
  • Made to measure = better results.
  • A unique class program will be built based on your unique profile, learning objectives, needs, expectations, and areas of interest to make classes fun and engaging.

  Affordable rates: Pay as low as $7 USD for a 30 minute class.

  No registration fees or extra charges.

All our prices already include taxes.

  No contracts or commitments.

Customize your schedule and take a break from classes whenever you need to.

First class is always FREE!

Recommended for beginner, basic, and pre-intermediate students. This is also an ideal option for those who want to ''fill gaps'' that may be holding them back from progressing to the next level of fluency.
This is an International program.
Our class program and syllabi meets the guidelines given by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and complemented with Latin American Spanish.


Conversational Spanish

Improve your conversational skills, get kindly corrected by a professional, and receive quick tips on how to perfect your Spanish.

  • ​Recommended for students at Intermediate, Advanced, Superior, and Proficiency levels.
  • Ideal to maintain your Spanish and prevent you from progressively forgetting what you already have learned.
  • Flexible schedule to fit into your busy life.

  Affordable rates: Pay as low as US$ 7 for a 30 minutes long class.

No contracts or commiments

No contracts or commiments

  No registration fees or extra charges

Feel free to start your classes or have a break whenever you like to

First class is always FREE!

2 options: 30 minutes or 1 hour long classes.

  • You can take as many lessons as you want during a day, week, or month.
  • Just reserve a class using our automatic scheduler system available 24/7. No need to manually inquire about availability every time you need a lesson.
  • Class cancelation up to 24 hours before they start, at no extra charge.

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